Stalled on glazing

My air compressor remains in the shop, so I can’t do any glazing work with the airbrush. It’s all at a stand-still! But I did make 4 Keeshond tiles, and I’m plugging away at the sculpture. Though I’m feeling a little stuck on it at the moment. I’m having trouble with the whole right side/legs of the sculpture and I don’t think I’ve got the action right. It just doesn’t look right. I have a bad feeling that I need to reverse the action of the legs or have the head turning the other way, but I’m not ready to go there yet!

I did finish another Hagen-Renaker “Sheba” custom glaze last week, for a customer in California. It’s a warm dappled fleabit grey. I completely re-painted the eyes and think the head is especially pretty:


I want to congratulate Lisa Sents, whose custom glazed Optime won the National Champion CM Glaze China Halter-Light/Gaited at the 2008 NAN show in Kentucky last week:
That’s the only result I know of, because they don’t show photos of the Top Ten winners. I’d love to hear if any of my other work top tenned at NAN.