Meet "Clarity"

Well, the new sculpture has a name, “Clarity”. I’ll write a blog entry on the why of that name, when/if it does get finished. And I’m starting to believe I might actually finish it. What a foreign and giddy feeling after 2 years of false starts and not much believing in myself.
BLclarclay1 BLclarclay2 BLclarclay3 BLclarclay4

Notes: I haven’t worked on the head at all this week and it is too large because no real refining and sculpting has been done. I always do the head last. This is going to be yet another KYG horse sculpture with a turned head that will be hard to photograph. The head is always going to appear too large when shot straight at the face! (Though I have found you can minimize that by shooting the piece in highest resolution the digital camera has, from fairly far away, and cropping the photo in.) I think I have all the legs where I want them (they are still too thick, too). Now the fun part, the part I love: refining and detailing. (Though I hate sculpting hooves!)

Answers to what people are asking me: This sculpture in clay is “traditional” scale, on the smallish side, at 8.5″ tall. (For my non-model-horse-community blog readers: roughly 1:9 scale). It is intended for production in bone china. (If the mold-maker and caster don’t run away in horror, that is!) It might have to go on a base—which I know most of you don’t like, and me included—but I don’t want to let that be the only reason it doesn’t get made. I am hoping for the best that it will balance just fine as-is.

I don’t want to do a resin edition. My china customers have stayed with me all this time and you are the ones I am working for now. That said, I have to make a mold and pour resins in order to have masters for china production, so I might hand-prep a couple of the casts from my own mold and sell those unfinished. If I do, they will only be announced and offered to those reading this blog.