Dog Days

The Denver area just set a new record for number of consecutive days of 90°-plus heat. Blech! (But it’s a dry heat, thank goodness!) We don’t have air conditioning in our house, and honestly you’d only want it for about 2 months a year so I’m glad we never paid to have it installed and the costs on our energy bill. But this summer sure is testing our endurance. I’m still playing tennis 3 days a week—but really early in the morning—and the boys don’t get the evening walk until after 7pm.

My studio is on the ground floor of the house, and 3 of the walls are built into the sloping lot, so it stays cool no matter what the daytime temp in the summer. The boyz have figured this out and they stay down here with me. They’ve taken over the spare bed we moved down here when Paul started working out of the home. (I used to have a couch and coffee table over there, which was nice back when I had graphic design clients in for meetings.) Because the bed is now the doggie playpen, it looks like this all the time:
I can’t keep it made because they wrestle and dig around in the bedding. Oh well. Good thing I’m pretty much the slacker housekeeper anyway.

By the way, I figured out why the new horse sculpture seemed familiar. I think I might be channelling Doris Lindner just a bit:
I own 5 Lindner Royal Worcester pieces, and two of them have a little of the motion and leg positions of my new guy.

Now, I can hear you saying, “I know Doris Lindner and you’re no Doris Lindner!!” Absolutely right! I would never presume to compare the quality of my sculpture work to hers. But I think it’s kind of cool to imagine that revered equine artists who have passed are out there somewhere looking over the shoulders of living artists who worship them.