Chaos on the home front!

Our quiet home life is under attack! We’re getting our house refinished this month, replacing the 23-year-old wood siding with contemporary stucco. The demolition crew was here ripping off the old siding and the rain gutters, and this is what it looks like with most of the siding off. We’ll be in for about 3 weeks of pounding on the walls and people crawling all over the house. It feels like I’m in the zoo—never knowing when somebody is going to be outside the window looking in! (Must be especially alert when in the bathroom…!)

I got the pinto large Boreas glazing all finished this week. I never get tired of painting bays and I surely love contrasting that color with white markings. His Halfling kiln-mate will be done next week too. His teensy little blue eye still needs another layer of paint.

Have a fun Labor Day weekend!