Need to update my waiting list

I know things change in people’s lives, and I decided I would like to update my waiting list for custom glazing work on my china sculptures. I’d like to know who is still seriously interested and who will be dropping out, as I schedule my work this fall and winter.

Bone chinas I now have in-hand: 2 Caprices, 2 Boreas’s, 4 Streetwise, and 2 Heart of Darkness chinas. I would like to get a couple of them scheduled for October/November/December. (September is booked.) Optime is still on hold; I’m supposed to see the first earthenware china (as opposed to the regular bone china) in a couple weeks and then I’ll decide whether to order any more of them.

If you had contacted me in the last 6 months or so about wanting a custom glaze on one of my works, please drop me a confirming email if you are still interested in a particular piece and tell me when you’d want me to schedule it. If you can pay in full for work I complete before the end of the year and you wanted any of the above pieces, please let me know!

I am still planning to stop china production on Heart of Darkness, Streetwise, Caprice and Boreas by the end of this year. (And Optime, too, if we ever get the last ones ordered actually cast!) So this really is the last call for those sculptures in china to be glazed by me. If you want to get on my list, you still can. I’ll take orders for any of those up until December 31st. But I need a pretty firm commitment because I have to order it to be made for you and I have to pay for those myself ahead of glazing them for you.

You don’t need to contact me again about chinas I have agreed to glaze that are not my sculptures (like HA Sharif’s that are not delivered yet). Your pieces will go into my schedule when they actually arrive! I just need to schedule some of my own works this fall because at last I have a nice little group of them in stock… and for cash flow reasons I need to get them glazed! 🙂

If you’re getting this blog post via the feedburner email, you can reply directly to this email and I’ll get your message. If you were on my list and I don’t hear from you this week, I’ll assume you’re no longer interested.

Many thanks! And here’s hoping for NEW ceramic works from me next year!!