This is interesting!

I received my sample of the Optime sculpture made in earthenware china instead of bone china. The above photo shows from left to right: My original master sculpture (what all resins and chinas were cast from), the earthenware china, and a bone china. The photo illustrates the differences in size from shrinkage of the two different china materials. I thought that the earthenware would be a little closer in size to the original, but it is still larger than the bone china. I decided to go ahead and order 6 more of these in earthenware (hopefully the molds will be good for that many), and then close the Optime edition for good!

Also, I am pleased to report that my first four Keeshond tiles came out of the kiln in perfect shape! Maybe I will actually have these glazed and for sale in my Etsy shop next in a few weeks.

P.S.: I changed the title of my blog to: a westerly view.