Progress on several fronts

Well a week later and the house is coming along. The stucco crew has been covering all the walls with some sort of sealer-material and then nailing on the layer of wire mesh that the plaster will be applied to.
One thing we didn’t anticipate: they are pounding on the walls so hard that things are falling off walls and shelves on the inside! This black-lacquered Caprice resin that was in a windowsill in Paul’s office took a dive and suffered damage that I’ll have to repair. And two stereo speakers also came crashing down. I went around and took down all pictures, and moved any chinas etc. away from any walls!

I have finally figured out how to pour ceramic tiles in my Keeshond and Arab horse head tile molds. I felt like an idiot, that I couldn’t do something this simple! But I’ve now gotten the hang of it and am building up a nice pile of them. (The darker ones are the most-recently pulled from a mold; they get lighter as they dry out.) I haven’t fired any of these yet; that’ll be my next learning curve and we’ll see how many of them explode in the kiln due to air bubbles or something!

This “Crusher” bone china sculpture sculpted by Kitty Cantrell and produced by Horsing Around, is in-progress in the glazing dept. this week. He is looking very sharp!

On the non-progress side, I ran out of black glaze pigment and loaded a new batch in the ball mill for it to grind on for a week. One day later, a belt inside that drives it broke. So the black glaze for the dapple grey I wanted to complete this month will be delayed, rats. I should have the new belt sometime next week.

I also haven’t worked on Clarity since I’ve been back from vacation. However it sits right on my studio counter, and I have been looking at it every day. I’m about ready to get back to it again. One of the reasons I named it “Clarity” is because I am pushing myself harder to “see” more of the reality of horses and try to get that into this sculpture. (Did that make any sense at all??) I want very much to push my own equine art envelope with this one.

Lastly, I am fully booked again on custom glazes through the end of the year. Thanks everyone for checking in on your spot on the list or inquiring for the first time. I had to order more Boreas’s! I think I am going to finish out these commissions and then the first half of next year paint nothing but colors I choose. It’s time for me to glaze what I want on some of these pieces, for a change of pace!

I am enjoying our abrupt switch into fall weather. I totally love these 70° days and 50° nights! And that feels like Football Season, GO BRONCOS! !