Random Stuff

While waiting for my air compressor’s electrical part to come in, I borrowed my Dad’s hobby (1-speed) air compressor. That allows me to at least airbrush solid colors. (I can’t do any dapple greys because the air eraser requires a pressure gauge that I can turn way down.) So I started on a black-bay tobiano Boreas today:

I also had gotten another painting session in on the Phoenix and the Sabiha last week before the compressor proved not to be fixed. The Sabiha is going to be a fairly dark bay-going-grey, so it has a long way to go. I have to lay down all the bay-colored undercolor with dappling first. That’s why it looks so “red” at the moment. The darker shades will be laid on top later on:

My life has been put into a complete hold right now. I’m awaiting some big news and if it happens EVERYthing is going to change! (And no I am not pregnant, ha ha!) I’m not ready to talk about it here until it is for sure… but it’ll be insanely great if it does ! What a distraction though.

Putting that aside… and trying to focus. I want to thank everyone who has been patiently waiting for custom glazed chinas on my “no-commitment” commission waiting list. I have been very pleased with this system. Basically I just put names on a list for each china, and when I am ready to glaze one I contact the person atop the list for that piece. If they decline, then I go to the next person. Especially in this economic climate, it is good for everyone. You can choose to go to the back of the line if you want, and I don’t have the pressure of taking on more work than I can handle. I can work on what am in the mood for, when I am in the mood for it! I’m not taking any more commissions for glazing on pieces I haven’t sculpted right now. But I am adding names to the list for Boreas, Optime, Streetwise, and Caprice.

Some news on upcoming work. I was very fortunate to acquire a bisque china Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig “Stormwatch” Mustang cast by Joan Berkwitz/Pour Horse, and I will be glazing it. Though I’ve never seen one of these sculptures in person so I might just have to keep it! If I decide to let it go, it will be in the to-be-glazed queue for sometime early next year. I was also able to get two of Sarah’s “Davyyd” Welsh Cobs in bisque china. I will be glazing one to sell and one to keep! I need to draw down my backlog of my own china sculptures first before I get to those however. I have the two HA “Sharif’s” that I haven’t glazed yet that will also have to wait. I’m building up a china inventory thanks to Donna Chaney’s production efficiency so I need to do those first!

I fired a few more Keeshond dog tiles, finally. Only one dried warped too much to be used–the corners curled up so much it looks a bit like an upside-down ashtray, heh. But I fired it anyway, it’s of even less use left as greenware. I now have about 6 tiles that I can finalize. Now to decide how many to finish in art glazes, realistic colors, and clear glazes. I’ve got several wall mirrors and wood boxes/jewelry boxes they can be mounted into. Then onto the Etsy store. Hopefully before Christmas, that would be ideal!

I am waiting for the certificates of authenticity to arrive from Breyer, and then I will be putting the Lady Phase and the Salinero that I painted up for sale. I think I may put the Lady Phase to ebay and offer the Salinero here at a set price. Hopefully this will be next week. Stay tuned to this channel!