My sculpture for Breyer released in a new color!

Oh happy happy day, the sculpture of the Cleveland Bay horse I created for the Breyer® Animal Creations company is going to appear in their line for 2010, in a new color. Light dappled grey, loose mane version, #1277 named O’Leary’s Irish Diamond! I’m guessing this will be designated as an Irish Draught or Irish Hunter, as that would be a good breed fit for that mold. They almost always release their models based on a real horse so maybe someday I’ll meet O’Leary’s Irish Diamond in person.

I am told there is a photo of it in Breyer’s collector magazine, Just About Horses, but mine hasn’t made it across the Pond yet. I am so delighted that I’ll be able to see my work on the store shelves again! Now I will have the fun of tracking them down here in the UK. I noticed last summer that the famous Hamley’s Toys on Oxford Street in London had a large Breyer department, so I may try there first when we know for sure they are out.

We just got back from a great week in Scotland! We decided at the very last minute to Think Bigger and go there instead of to the Peak District. It took about 7 hours to drive up to Edinburgh. I plan to write a longer post about it, but here’s a little teaser. Just LOOK at the place we (and the Boyz) stayed…