Off to see the Queen!!

A couple weeks ago I read in the paper that the Queen was hosting the President of India in a state visit at Windsor Castle, which is a pretty rare occasion. (They usually do it at Bickingham Palace in London.) They were holding the official welcome and then a procession right in the streets of Windsor, and I simply had to go today!! Probably would never get another chance to see the Queen up close like this.

I was able to stand right on the side of the street less than 10 feet from the parade and carriages, what fun. We were right under the castle wall which was a great backdrop. I was waving and cheering right along with the Brits. The Queen and the President of India (a woman, whose name I ought to look up but am too lazy…) were in the first closed carriage, followed by Prince Phillip and (I assume) the President’s spouse. Then Prince Charles and Camilla were in an open carriage so I got a good look at him, and he looked right at me. I’m thinking, “o my gawd, that’s Prince Charles!” because I didn’t know he’d be there too, and I almost forgot to take the photo! It all went by so fast because the horses were trotting. I’ll have to look in the newspaper tomorrow to read exactly who all was there; I’m thinking Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, might have been in one of the carriages, too.

The Household Guards and Cavalry were wonderful; everyone was mounted so what a treat for a horse lover. There was also their mounted band with a stunning drum horse, and a troupe of Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead mounted police. I was standing with a group who had a family member riding in the Household Guards and another with a husband serving in Afghanistan. I don’t know how she could tell which cavalryman was hers, among all those black horses and identical uniforms!

Here’s the Queen and Prince Phillip riding down the road in the car to the ceremony:

Then coming back up in the carriage with the President of India:

I only got a photo of the back of Prince Charles’s head:

And here’s me trying to look like a British Subject!

I think Obama needs a State Carriage and a mounted Household Guard.