All systems go!

Many many thanks to everyone who emailed me about still getting this blog’s posts. Whew! When I started up this blog, I had to make a google account. Then last year I created a gmail account and should have just added it to the google account that I already had for the blog. Yesterday I merged the two by moving my blog over, to have just one google account. I’ve been changing my email address to the gmail one for anything I do on the web, to cut back on the tons of spam I was getting. It has worked great so far!

We just got back from a week in Bruges, Belgium, taking the EuroStar high speed train service through the channel tunnel for the first time. I will post a report later. Must now lose about 5 pounds I gained last week, just from eating Belgian french fries (frites), Belgian chocolate, and Belgian waffles, eeeek!