Totally off-topic: Don’t ignore your thyroid!

It’s been a year now since I learned that I had an under-functioning thyroid gland. I can not believe how getting it back up to normal has made such a positive difference in my life !

The thyroid plays such a large part in regulating your body systems and hormones. I’m pretty sure mine had been dis-functioning for at least 10 years, and I am not now the person I was during those years!! Intellectually, it is pretty disturbing to think that your glands can rule your actions and mind/personality, but I have experience that they absolutely do. I had all the classic symptoms ranging from mood swings, mild depression/negativity, lack of energy/enthusiasm, feeling cold all the time (when I used to always be hot), hair loss, poor skin tone… It’s not like you change abruptly from one day to the next, but I look back on the last decade and realize that it was a pretty rough ride, including ruining some relationships and not feeling creative/motivated as an artist among other things!

I used to consider myself to be mostly an optimist with a sunny, go-for-it personality, and this past year I can see how I got back to that. I even lost nearly 20 pounds as my metabolism also had crapped out because the thyroid wasn’t running it. I was unhappy at first to learn I’ll have to take a (fortunately inexpensive) prescription drug every day the rest of my life, after making it 50 years without being on a single drug for anything. But now I embrace it because I know how important it is. Many many people, mostly women, for some reason have diminishing thyroid function in middle age. It’s not just menopause, either. I can’t really find an explanation of WHY this happens, when I surf the web. Maybe it is because there is such a good synthetic thyroid replacement drug that it seems like nobody is bothering to do more research. My chiropractor/naturopath says it’s because we don’t get the essential nutrients that used to support the thyroid in our food anymore.

Anyway, I’ve become a bit of an advocate for getting one’s thyroid checked (a simple blood test) so this was my testimonial! Thanks for reading!

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