The right direction

I love change and frankly thrive on it. I am not overly sentimental and don’t look back or dwell on the past. I especially love the distinct change of seasons. Fall is especially invigorating. The only time I get the urge to go out and buy clothes is in the fall when I can pick out some new cold weather clothes—because I’m utterly sick of shorts and tee shirts. Now that summer is over (though you’d never know it from the amazing warm and sunny weather we’re still having here in Boulder), I have cleared the decks of everything I had committed to, finished our summer travel, and cleared other obstacles and baggage in the way of me getting back seriously into the studio.

I have such an embarrassment of riches in my work life right now. Looking ahead to this time over the past few weeks while traveling, I was feeling a bit paralyzed by too many great things I could work on! I can start pouring slip in my ceramics molds and learning about getting china horses made. I can get going on the nice waiting list for china glazing commissions; I’ve got enough work waiting there to take me through next summer. I took a beginner oil painting class in August and need to finish the painting of Malta/Mdina begun there, and get other paintings started that I have in mind. And last but not least, I can work on sculpture.

This week I decided that Job #1 absolutely needs to be finish the Roundabout sculpture. Having a finished horse sculpture would drive energy in the studio in so many ways. When molds get made for it, I can cast chinas of it along with my others. I can then glaze Roundie chinas along with other pieces. And I need another “game piece” (to borrow Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s great label) for my participation in the model horse showing hobby. For some reason I am not great at multi-tasking. It is hard to switch tools and workspace from any of the above tasks to another in the same day or even the same week; it’s a tough mental switch too.

Soooo, I’ve just spent 2 good days on Roundabout V2. I call it V2 because I’m using the 2nd armature that I started over from scratch with in the UK last spring, after The Boat critique. V3 is the one I started here in July before V2 arrived back here in the shipment with all our UK goods. V3 will just become something else someday; I didn’t get very far on it that day when I was itching to sculpt!

Here’s what Roundabout looks like right now. It isn’t balanced right at all yet but at least he looks kind of like a cob again. If I really commit to working on it at least a part of every day I could get it done by the end of October I think.