CMG Optime Arabian #28 for sale

I thought I had a buyer for this piece several months ago but now I haven’t gotten any replies so I must assume they “just aren’t into it” anymore.

This is an earthenware china “Optime” Arabian Stallion in glossy finish, custom glazed by me. It is a flashy dappled grey with hints of rose in the coat. Seeing my work in earthenware has been quite a revelation: the detail in the castings is a lot better than what we would get in the bone china versions!! All the crisp details I had in the original sculpture are there, where they went sort of soft in the bone chinas. I can only conclude that earthenware holds the detail better! It is a delight to work with these now, though I still do love the color and “feel” of bone china.

It is still in-progress. Just the last details to go: the eyes, mane and tail, hooves, and put some pink into that white on the nose. You still have the chance to tell me how dark you want the mane and tail. Asking price is $1200.00 postage paid.

I only have one more earthenware bisque in stock that was cast (by the experts) at Alchemy Ceramics in the UK. I have no more bone china Optimes in stock, and no more will be made. From now on they will all be castings I make myself from the molds. No telling how long it will take me to successfully make pieces good enough to glaze and sell. And my focus will be on customizing the body on those. So if you were looking for a straight custom glazed Optime this is the time to grab it!