Taking 2 custom glaze commissions in February and March

Looking ahead to when I will be in the studio in the next few months, I decided to take two custom china glazing commissions: one in February and one in March. I’ve done a few pieces to my color choice recently, now it is your turn.

I’m determined to pay for the “Roundabout” sculpture china and resin mold making fees from my business, not out of (our now fixed-income, ha) household funds. Because I was in England for a year (and doing a whole lot of slacking-off since we got back) I have hardly banked any equine art-related income. So I need to do some glazing and build up the fund!

I will glaze your china or mine! Rather than email everyone on my Go To List individually, I’m just doing this general notice instead. But if you already had a request on the Go To List, I will give your project priority when choosing which I want to do in these two glazing slots.

The February start date is Feb 16; the March start date is Mar 12. In both cases the glazing work will be done in a week. I will expect payment in full at completion.

Chinas I have available here for glazing are:

Caprice warmblood bone china: matte or gloss
Streetwise stock horse bone china: gloss
Optime arab earthenware: gloss
Boreas percheron bone china: matte or gloss

Horsing Around/Eberl “Azham” arab: matte or gloss **If I receive my ordered bisques!**
Horsing Around/Eberl “Sharif” arab: matte or gloss
Breyer Porcelain “Giselle” warmblood mare: matte or gloss
Hagen-Renaker re-issue “Sheba” arab: gloss (choice of colors is more limited)

Just email me with your proposal of both mold and color, I’ll decide which two pieces I want to do this winter, and will send a price quote to my choices. My email address is: westerlydesign@gmail.com

Thank you, and Happy New Chinas Year!