More “Roundabout” Photos

“Roundabout” is almost ready to shift into drive!

I’m pleased to report that I’m about a week away from finishing up the clay stage of my new “Roundabout” British Heavyweight Show Cob sculpture. Here are some of the latest photos.

I apologize that they are so blurry/distorted perspective/dark, but here in the ski condo I have no access to my usual professional photo set. This is the best I can do until I get back to the studio. You can see there are still a lot of parts I haven’t finished or even really addressed yet (especially on the head and legs) but from now on it’s all surface details, yay!

(I hope this slideshow works for everyone. Something else new I’m trying on the blog…!)

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I’m firming up plans for “Roundie” and I am going to release it in a very small edition of unpainted resin casts. Like around 25. I won’t be painting any of them myself. Just a guess still… but those might be ready by May. And of course lots of chinas, both bone china cast for me by Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry/Alchemy Ceramics, and customized earthenware versions cast by me. The first chinas won’t start arriving until late summer at the earliest, more likely fall. I haven’t figured out how to do the resin distribution yet but it will be via this blog ONLY. So be sure you are subscribed via email or following on FaceBook!

Many thanks for your support!