Some Roundabout Resin information

I’m starting to finalize details about the Roundie resin edition. I thought I’d share this information so you can plan for it. The sale should happen in late May. I think!

Even though I initially wanted to offer a really small edition, various friends told me I might as well keep open the option to cast the whole production of one mold—since I’m paying for it anyway.

So we’ll call it an edition of 60. But… 10 of them will be cast solid (not hollow) to send out for china mold-making and for my “keepers” as well. (I don’t like hollow resins myself, they feel just too much like plastic models and I think resins should have more “presence”). I am also holding back a certain quantity to give away as gifts. And there is a yet-undetermined amount that will be going to buyers living in the UK in a separate sale.

Based on the above I think my sale quantity will be of 35 hollowcast resins. I might offer them in two batches on different dates, depending on delivery of resins. They are going to be $200.00 each, USA postage paid. (International shipping will be split with the buyer.) I am going to sell them via my Etsy store. You’ll need to register as an Etsy user to buy there (there’s no cost and it’s a well-known, safe site)… so you might want to do that now or soon so you don’t have to do it the day my sale goes live. There will be no time payment terms; all resins will be in-stock and ready to ship during the sale.

Sheila (Anderson) Bishop of Palouse Arts has graciously agreed to paint the very first resin copy of Roundabout, which I will photograph to use as the “promo” painted example. She has to complete that before the sale, too. Her work and the arrival of all the resins will determine the exact day of the sale, but I will post the date and time here on the blog at least a week before.

China edition: I will have no information on the china Roundies before the end of May. I do know that I want to produce both English bone china and USA earthenware pieces. I’d like to do an OF edition, but that may be too ambitious.

I am slowly detailing out the master resin. It is slow work. But it needs to be done by March 20th.

While you are waiting for photos of the final Roundie sculpture… here is one of my many reference photos for Roundie. I took hundreds of action photos of British heavyweight show cobs at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on “Cob Day” in May 2009.