Thank you re: custom glazing!!

Dear everyone,

I did find another person who was able to fill my glazing slot for this month. In fact I could have filled it several times over. My heartfelt thanks to you, who continue to support my work. Even as it takes me so long to get anything done. I am humbly grateful to have a business perking along in this economy. (Even a business so very casual like the way I run mine!) Your patient faith keeps me going and creating! And I am finding ways to give back.

Snowboard season ends around April 15th and then I will be back in the studio until next winter!! Now that the millstone aka “Roundabout” sculpture is gone from around my neck and almost into production, I can look forward with joy to a big season of glazing china horses in the kiln. In the coming months I will be contacting everyone in my “Go To List” database for completing your desired pieces this summer. If you’re not in the List and you have an idea for a china to be glazed be sure to contact me. Email Karen