Another china-making milestone reached

Today I opened Fido the Kiln on my first-ever greenware-to-bisque firing. This was the first group of horses where I slip-cast them in the plaster molds, put them together in greenware, and fired to bisque. I did cast and assemble 2 horses while in England, but Donna Chaney fired them for me in her kilns. So this was truly the first time I took pieces all the way on my own. And I am happy to report that all eight of them fired perfectly! They are now ready for glazing.

All but three of these pieces had some custom resculpting done in the greenware clay stage and even they didn’t come up with any cracks or flaws. I was pretty surprised. Perhaps working in clay is more forgiving than I expect. My biggest challenge is not knocking a leg off while cleaning the seams and customizing the unfired greenware. But I got less clumsy the more I did it.

The new Boreas has had feathers added to the legs, plus a long tail, redone mane and ears. He is going to be part of my Bring Out Your Chinas Convention banquet table centerpiece. The question is, should I glaze him a realistic color or an art glaze? I can’t decide!! What is your vote?

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