More BOYCC goodies

Are you attending Bring Out Your Chinas in San Diego this month? If you are making a last-minute decision, I believe there are one or two openings left to attend. I hope so, because I want to see many examples of my chinas and custom glazing work represented there. Please DO bring them out!

There is a Karen Gerhardt custom glazing challenge class, and here is my award for first place:

It is an earthenware china “Optime” Arabian head, customized. This is all that remains after I customized an entire horse in greenware and then broke a leg off. AAARGH! I managed to save the head, and I’ve left it in bisque so that the winner of the class can have it glazed by their favorite china finisher.

And what might these little Halfling Boreas china gems be…??

There are a total of seven of these made… and you’ll have to attend BOYCC to find out how I am giving them all away!

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