Start using Karen Gerhardt’s new email address now

I have a new email address that I would like you to use from now on. It is:

The old email address will still work for another month or so but I plan to cancel the account for it eventually. Soon I will be taking down the website and moving (a lot less of) the content to the new domain here at

In other news, I am finally ready to start working on chinas again in the studio! I am over both the “BOYCC burnout” and some travel in June. I will be doing both glazing of my backlog of bisques (which will be for sale) and casting new pieces in the molds. I’m not ready to work on any commissions; I’d prefer to glaze some artist choice pieces this summer.

I am slowly getting Roundabout resins. So far there are 11 of them out in the world. More will be on the way but not at any fast pace. My resin caster is caregiver for his spouse recovering from surgery so we must all be content to wait while the healing takes place. 🙂 I’m not advertising the Roundabout resins for sale in the larger “world” — other than this blog and the Facebook page — until I get a large enough batch in to hold a real sale. For now I’m just offering them here if they arrive in small lots.

Thanks for your support and patience!

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