First 10 Roundabout resins are sold

All of the first 10 unpainted resin Roundabouts are now spoken for.

The next batch that comes in will be devoted to my UK buyers; if you live in the UK and aren’t on my list yet, they are $150.00 postage and customs PAID. Send me an email to reserve yours. This is a one-time offer as I’m working with a friend in England who is going to receive the one big box and then mail out the resins from her house. After this, if you live in the UK and want a Roundie resin you’ll have to pay the customs duty yourself. 🙂

I have to admit that the Roundie resins aren’t exactly flying out of here… but I know most of you are waiting for the chinas (I sure am!). Fortunately I don’t need Roundie in resin to sell out. I just have to sell enough to pay back the molding costs. I needed several good casts to send for china-molding so a resin mold had to be made no matter what. I will cast as many as people want to buy until the mold plays out. It might be that Roundie resin buyers will end up having a fairly exclusive edition!

Continue to watch this blog for news of the next resin sale. And I hope to have news of the bone china production in July. Many thanks for your support. Have a great summer!

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