Solid Black Boreas in bone china for sale

This is a new bone china Boreas Percheron that I just completed yesterday. He is NOT one of the closed edition of 10 original finish (OF) pieces in MATTE solid black; this one is a custom finish. He is glossy and has a white star. He is kind of a “mistake” because I was trying to glaze a solid black Boreas with white markings—in matte—but I didn’t get my matting agent additive mix right in the new overglazes and he glossed up when fired. (That’s the short explanation.) Because I painted the overglaze color right onto a bisque, he is less glossy than a normal gloss glazed piece, but glossier than a satin finish.

I took him to a small show this morning and he now has NAN cards in cmg china breed and workmanship. (Though he was the only entrant in the “black” class… and this color is no workmanship challenge… and in fact I failed “workmanship” because it didn’t fire the way I wanted… so the poor boy hardly earned it!)

I was glazing this one for my own collection and didn’t get what I wanted, therefore I am offering him for sale. This is the LAST Boreas in bone china that I will ever offer for sale, because I only have one more and that will be MINE! (And I will practice my matte-finish glazing on a reject piece next time.) 🙂

He is $450 postage paid. Send me an email via the link below if you are interested.

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