Roundabout News and last call for the UK Sale

I have some news on the Roundabout resin and china production!

The English bone china mold-making has been moved up to early August, so that means I will get the first bone china bisques later in August!! Very excited about that! I can’t wait to glaze it to all kinds of great colors. I will not be taking any custom-color orders on these initial pieces; I’ll be choosing the colors and offering them for sale. The bone chinas are limited to the production of one mold only; that will be 20-25 pieces. There will also be earthenware chinas coming from both me and Joanie Berkwitz probably sometime next year. Those will be able to be customized: look for the Hairy Roundie Earthies!

And I have learned that 10 more Roundabout resins are due to be shipped next week. I think most of these will be reserved for my UK “special delivery” program. But if any are left I will post them for sale here. Email me if you want a Roundabout resin and I will start a little wait list on this batch.

If you live in the UK and didn’t hear about this: I am offering a special one-time-only sale of Roundabout resins where they will be postage AND customs PAID. This is in honor of his British “heritage”. 🙂 I am going to send all the orders in one box to a friend in England, who will them post them out to the owners through Royal Mail. That way I can pay for the customs duty on the one big box. I am about to send an email to everyone on my list who already contacted me about the UK Sale. (It’s now time to pay! 🙂 )

If you want to reserve one of the UK-bound resins, you must contact me by Monday 1st August. The cost is $150.00 each and payment will be due (via PayPal only) by Friday 5th August.

Email Karen