Chestnut bone china “Caprice” for sale

We just signed a contract to buy a house up in the mountains west of Vail, Colorado, which means we are going to sell our house in Boulder after 20 years here, and move to Vail! All very exciting, but first we have to do the move. I’ve been slowly packing up the studio and finishing up a few glazing projects before I lose access to the kiln for a few weeks in early October. And taking a good hard look at my collection. I’ve decided to do a bit of collection-thinning to have a few less things to pack and move. Here’s the first one.

This is custom glazed bone china “Caprice”, numbered 2, from my own collection. It was glazed in 2006, one of the first ones I finished. It should have remained with me… until I took this piece to a show and it tipped over onto the left ear when I was trying to adjust a saddle. The ear broke off in an odd way; the broken piece extended down towards the eye. I have repaired and retouched it, but since I’m a fussy purist collector I will suffer no broken pieces among my “keepers”. Other than the repaired/retouched left ear the piece is mint and gorgeous. I am asking $450.00 US postage paid. Send me an email if interested, thanks!

I will have several other nice pieces coming up this week at good prices, including a new bone china “Caprice” in black tobiano pinto, and a dappled grey bone china “Streetwise” that has a repaired leg.

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