Black tobiano “Caprice” for sale

Here’s that bone china “Caprice” custom glazed to black tobiano that I mentioned the other day. This is a piece that has been floating around the studio awhile, partially finished as another color I didn’t like. The body is perfectly good and there aren’t going to be any more Caprices in bone china made, so I finished it as a solid black tobiano the way you see here.

There are only 7 Caprices finished in custom glaze colors to date. That’s not very many. In fact for various reasons the Caprice china edition total is the smallest of all the sculptures I’ve released in ceramic. It was also my first!

I’d like to get $550.00 usa postage paid for this guy. He is cmg Caprice #7. I do ship overseas and ‘d just split the postage cost. I can extend short time payments, like take 60 days to pay in full. But I will give preference to someone who can pay in full.

By the way, I did sell the chestnut Caprice offered the other day!

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