Work at full stop until mid-October

After 20 years in Boulder, Paul and I are moving to our dream retirement lifestyle in a new house near the skiing in Vail, Colorado. That’s about 2 1/2 hours west of Boulder, on the other side of the Colorado Rockies.

Here is the hot tub on the lower level patio, just steps away from where my new studio will be. How nice for when I am in need of some creativity rejuvenation.

And here is the big view from that hot tub…

Mr. Frugal Paul is already grumbling about the electricity bills for keeping that thing going, but I’m not letting him turn it off!!

We close on our new house the week of Sept 22nd. From now I am officially unable to do any work on china glazing or other horse-art related stuff, because my studio is completely packed up. I will be online through the week of the move but might be spotty once until we get the cable modem set up in the new house.

I won’t be up and working until I set up the new studio space and get the garage wired for Fido The Kiln. Could be mid-October before I unpack all the boxes.

I’d sure like to have a house warming party before the snow flies though!

Well, here’s to changing up one’s life in a big way!
(Like, us dropping everything and spending a year living in England in 2009-10 wasn’t enough excitement for awhile..?? I guess not!)