Spring in the Rockies and in the studio

It’s been too long since I updated this site, so here goes some news.

Roundabout British Show Cob sculpture, resin cast painted with oils, recently finished.

Spring has arrived even in the Colorado high country. The aspens are greening up and we’ve got plants coming up in the yard. We moved here last fall so I have no idea what kind of perennials we’ve got; it will be fun to see.

I injured my right shoulder in March, so in addition to still having the sciatica pain in my legs, now I’m struggling to do work because my arm hurts like h*ll if I move it certain ways. I’m resisting going back for another round at the orthopedic medicine world but I think I’m going to have to get it looked at.

I took a couple weeks off at the end of April to try and heal, which coincided with a trip to the beach last week. But I have a lot that must get done in May, so work is starting again this week, pain or not!

I finished up and delivered the custom glazing commission on the Royal Worcester Saddlebred porcelain. Here is the color the buyer chose, all finished:

A neighbor of mine is a woodworker/cabinetmaker, and he made the wood base. Happily this piece made it safely through the mails to its new home in New Jersey.

I’m also well into the glazing work on the Horsing Around/Eberl “Azham” Arabian in bone china that I offered as a commission in March. Here’s a close-up of the dappling work:

It is now just a couple weeks from completion.

In the china department I also will be glazing a “Heart of Darkness” Oldenburg sculpture, to a grey. And a Breyer porcelain “Gisele” warmblood bisque is going to be an appaloosa. Those are both commissions. I’ve also got a dappled bay “Caprice” warmblood in the works. It is a claybody custom earthenware I cast myself, and is destined for the Laughing Bear benefit live show as a donation. It is almost finished. I want to get my ceramics molds out this month and do some more casting. The “Roundabout” china molds have been made and I am just waiting for sample earthenware casts and then I hope they will arrive here soon so that I can begin making customized earthenware chinas from them. (In addition to the non-customized chinas of course!) I really want to see one with a mane!

This summer I’ve been invited to exhibit 6 pieces of my ceramics sculpture work in an equine art show in Parker, Colorado. The show is in conjunction with the summer horse show events at the Colorado Horse Park. The PACE Arts Center is a brand-new arts facility in Parker, a hugely “horsey” town south of Denver. My work will be on exhibit at this show, with a few other Colorado equine artists working in different media, June 8-August 5th. I am choosing the pieces this month and glazing a few new just for the exhibit. I will update with more info as I get it. Unfortunately I fear I will miss the opening reception as I will be out of town at a wedding that weekend.

I do have a new sculpture in the works. I don’t want to say much about it for now because if all goes as planned I won’t be releasing it myself and it needs to be completed and ready for production before any real announcements are made. I will say that it is small, only about 4″ tall. A very nice size for finishing, whether in ceramic or resin, I think! I only need a couple more work days on it before going to the molding process, but sculpting is particularly bad on my shoulder since I have to raise my arms to eye-level to work the clay, and that’s what hurts!

Paul and I are enjoying seeing the seasons change in our new house so much. Winter hasn’t quite given up its grip yet as we are getting snow showers today, but by June summer will be here! Summer is particularly precious here because it is so short. Enjoy your spring and summer! And I look forward to seeing many of my friends at BreyerFest and NAN in July.