“Meribel” in matte bay

I’m gathering my sculptures for the PACE equine art show next month, and realized I did not own a glazed copy of my “Meribel” draft filly. I wanted to show a matte-glazed piece and this was the perfect choice for that. And a great opportunity to challenge myself to glaze one entirely by paintbrush, no airbrush. “Meribel” has some sculpted texture in the body coat, and paint-brushing enhanced that by allowing me to be not so perfectly, pristinely smooth (as the airbrush nearly forces you to be). I used matte overglazes and applied them right onto the bisque china. It only took 4 passes through the kiln, too. I am thrilled with the outcome; I applied a lot of what I learned while painting a few “Roundabout” resins with oil paints this winter.