For the new year I resolve…

My one and only resolution for my 2013 year in art is to make it all about “me”.

How selfish-sounding!! What it does mean is that I want to focus on artistic growth. In both painting and sculpture and the craft of ceramics.

This Year Of Me also means I will work on only projects I choose: no custom china commissions this year. But probably more finished work getting out there instead. Perversely, I have noticed that when I have even a few commissions hanging over me, it stops all work. Because it seems that when the work someone else chose is in my queue, it often isn’t interesting or engaging to me, and I put it off. But then out of guilt I don’t allow myself to work on anything else, so nothing gets done!

If that sounds bizarre, well, welcome to the mind of an artist, no apologies!

I look forward with interest to whatever my creative mind comes up with each day this year!

Happy new year to you and yours!