Custom China Roundabout #1 and new Ceramics Backstamp

I’ve finally gotten the first custom glazed china Roundabout Cob almost ready for sale. This is the palomino that Joanie Berkwitz cast for me — the first one from the mold — which I started glazing in Boise during my trip there last September. I still have a few layers of detailing left to do on the hooves but I wanted to offer it up now if anyone is interested. He has nice subtle dappling on the body. The head isn’t as black as in some of these photos; either I get the dapples to show up or the facial detail but generally can’t get both!

DSCN9794 DSCN9793 DSCN9792 DSCN9796

I am asking $400.00 postage paid for this first china Roundabout to go out in the world.

If you are interested in this piece please Email Karen.

I now have a new backstamp for my ceramics pieces. I can’t use the Westerly Ceramics one anymore! So here is the new Wizards Vale Arts stamp, which will be fired onto all chinas finished starting in 2013. I will also get some in metallic gold eventually because this color doesn’t work at all on very dark pieces!