New sculpture to be produced in ceramic: Juniper Gypsy Cob

Here is my newest horse sculpture, “Juniper”.

This is a Gypsy Cob mare, a small sculpture at only 4″ tall x 5″ long (in clay). It is not quite finished in these photos; I am about to make the waste mold and a resin cast, where details will be completed and it will be the master sculpture for china production.

There will be 10 bone china Jupiters made, 2 of which I’m keeping. They will be roughly 3.5″ tall due to the way bone china shrinks. After all the bone chinas are glazed, there will be an open edition of earthenware Junipers cast and glazed by me, plus claybody customized pieces. Earthenware bisques will also be for sale from time to time.

The bone china Juniper program works like this:

At this time, I am offering a Group of 8 people the chance to buy one of the 8 custom glazed Junipers in bone china. The pre-sale deposit is $150.00. This deposit gets 8 people the OPTION to purchase one of the 8 bone chinas, which I will custom glaze to unique colors, my choice of the colors.

No custom commissions will be taken on the bone chinas.

The deposit must be paid in full, via PayPal, no time payments.

Each of the bone china Junipers will be priced at no more than $450.00 ppd (USA; overseas buyers will pay half the postage cost). The offer price on each of the 8 pieces will depend on the complexity of the color; simple colors will be cheaper. No time payments will be offered; the horse must be paid for in full at time of being offered it.

When you pay the deposit, I will tell you which number in line that you hold. The first person in line will get first refusal on each of the 8 bone chinas as I glaze them. If the first person passes on the Juniper on offer, then the 2nd person in line gets the option to buy, etc., etc.

As each piece sells within the Group, everyone in the line will move up as buyers are removed from the Group. You only get to buy one Juniper.

If none of the “Group of 8” chooses the Juniper offered, one more offer will be made to the Group—letting them know everyone passed and would anyone like to reconsider. If no one buys, then it will be sent to the public at auction (with the starting bid being the price offered to the Group).

Each time a piece goes to the public sale, this means that one less person in the Group of 8 will get a bone china Juniper. You can stay in the Group or ask for a refund of the deposit at any time. And when all 8 are glazed, anyone who didn’t get to buy one will also have their deposit refunded.

At this time I don’t have a timeline for delivery of the bisques from Alchemy Ceramics, or how long it will take me to glaze the 8 Junipers. But I will make it my first priority this year. When the master sculpture is sent to England, then I will probably get more firm delivery estimates from Alchemy.

I will be previewing glazing work in progress on each of the 8 pieces, on my Facebook Page. You’ll be able to see what’s coming and get a pretty good idea of when it’ll be offered to the Group of 8 buyers. Members of the Group will also get regular email updates.

To get into the Group of 8, Email Karen right now. Do NOT send any money. I will notify you by return email if you’re in the Group and then where and when to pay.

Thank you!