Finished “Braided Boreas”



This is the now completed “show” version of the “Boreas” Percheron sculpture, in matte earthenware china. At the greenware stage (as described in a previous post) I moved the mane from the left side to the right side, and then resculpted both sides of the neck adding the line of braids, the trailing ribbon, and the new shorter mane on the right side. I also resculpted the tail into a “bun”. I ended up using the cast-metal flights available from Horsing Around of the UK. They are more in-scale and more sturdy than anything I could make from scratch. And thanks to their great prompt shipping, they arrived last week! I made the tail fans from stiff coated card stock, primered and painted.

I am just so thrilled with the way this guy came out. The “attachments” are drying and then he’ll be off to his new home.

Other News:

We had a little shipping glitch with the “Juniper” bone chinas coming from England. They were mailed to my old house in Boulder. Happily, the USPO actually did the right thing and the boxes were returned to sender rather than landing in no-known-address limbo. The first of the 3 boxes just arrived back in the UK. So they will be turned around and out again to me soon. I have also asked for the molds to be sent right away rather than wait for me to see the cast chinas. I need to start making earthenware ones!

I have withdrawn from my share of the booth space at BreyerFest in July. The number of people involved was getting complex, and I had to admit I was just going to fail at getting items made in time for making the booth worth doing. I was more looking to having a place to hang out and see everyone, than selling stuff. But I feel relieved to now have no responsibilities at BF this year, and that work pressure off me right now.

I’m starting work on glazing again. I’m donating a Halfling Boreas in earthenware to the silent auction at the Breakables show during BreyerFest. I think it’s going to be some sort of tobiano. I’m also glazing 2 Roundabout’s. The first 3 weeks of July are hugely busy for Paul and I, so I don’t think I’ll get much else done until I get back from KY on the 22nd. But then it will be full speed ahead on Juniper glazing. I kind of hope the weather is bad in August so I won’t be wanting to go play outside all the time, and just stay in and work!

Enjoy your summer and I hope to run into you in Lexington at the Kentucky Horse Park during BreyerFest!