For sale: Custom overglazed H-R 9″ Amir

This piece is now sold.


I know that many of you grew up collecting model horses like I did. I was always dreaming of how amazing it would be to own Hagen-Renakers and Beswick china horses in colors other than what the factories produced them in. Repainting them in acrylics or oils just wasn’t the same. So when I learned about ceramic overglazes (aka chinapaints) and how they are designed to be permanently fired into any glazed china finish, I was like a kid in a candy store. From time to time I pick up Hagen-Renakers if the price is right, with overglazing in mind. Often they have a chipped ear or a flaw in the glazing that can simply be covered up with the glazes. They are perfect candidates for overglaze repainting!

This Hagen-Renaker 9″ Amir is a great example. It is from the San Marcos (1980’s) era, matte palomino, mint condition, beautiful crisp mold detail. Nothing wrong with the casting or the finish, but just what I would call a ho-hum finishing job in the palomino color. I have reglazed him in my kiln to a beautiful dappled golden bay with two socks, still matte finish. The dappling is softly realistic; my personal style and preference for this is emphatically not over the top or sharp-edged or dotty. I have worked a long time to get this technique “right”, and it is especially difficult to get it to show up on a bay or other dark colored horse. The eyes have been completely redone, and a star and snip added to the head. The hooves have also been repainted, with ermine spots and matching stripes.

I am asking $550.00 USA postage paid, for this one of a kind piece. I will ship overseas… but we’ll split the postage cost and you’re responsible for all customs duty, etc.

If you are interested: Email Karen

Thank you!

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