More Blog Neglect, Sorry!


Mont St Michel in Normandy

I guess I better update this blog in case someone actually stumbles across it, ha! I’ve chosen a new template for my website so that the focus is now on my portfolio of work rather than the blog, and it now takes two clicks to find the blog.

I am still in non-create mode. This is not in any way a disaster; rather it is a reflection of the great life I’m leading lately. Paul and I have really discovered our retirement-vibe here in gorgeous Colorado Ski Country. We did what most of the locals here do and traveled away during April and May when the snow is melting but spring and summer aren’t here yet, aka Mud Season. We were 3 weeks in France and then another week driving down to Tucson and back via the Utah and Arizona Canyonlands.


We stayed in a real chateau! In the room at the top of this tower!

“Artist” has always defined who I was, what I did, what was expected of me by others, and what my ego/self image was wrapped around. It feels so nice to simply be Karen… after being Karen, Artist my whole life.

I’m sure I’ll get an idea to do an oil painting, sculpture, or get back to ceramics glazing again soon. I got so many great photos in the last 2 months that would make wonderful painting subjects. But I just wanted to warn you I’m not taking on any commissions for the time being. If I do want to make anything, for now I need it to be what I want to make, not to someone else’s order.

By the way, I am teaching a workshop on painting ceramics with overglazes (emphasis on painting horse color), during Breyerfest in Lexington, KY in July. Here is the link to the info:


Canyon du Chelly, northeastern Arizona


Wisteria in Sarlat, France