Commission work on ceramics still on hold

Long time no write… sorry once again about that!

I’ve had a crazy busy summer, with lots of planned and unplanned travel. My aunt passed away in June and I am executrix of her estate, which resulted in me spending most of June in Pennsylvania dealing with her possessions, and a lot of time after that dealing with all the details of wrapping up a life. 😦

I just wanted to update that I am still not in a position to take on any commissions for ceramic pieces until further notice. I’m working on a very VERY exciting project now, which takes all other work off the table for the time being. Plus we are heading out for more travel in September and October.

I did glaze one bone china Juniper earlier in the month; it was an owed piece to a friend who did me a large favor. This is #9 in the edition of 13 bone chinas. (She’s not quite this “pink”; my camera loves reds far too much!)


I hope that by this winter I will be so starved for ceramics glazing that I will want to do nothing else. I will let you know when my commission books open. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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