Custom Glazed RW Shire for sale



Update: Sold

2016 is the year of New Glazing! I most often update my worklife and news over on my studio Facebook Page, but for those of you not checking in there… this is the year I finally get back to glazing ceramics. 2015 was so busy with travel, family stuff, and working on a new sculpture sold to Breyer Animal Creations!!! (Part of their 2016 Premier Club line, to be revealed later this year!)

I have a pretty large backlog of white chinaware just dying to be colored. I am trying to reduce that “stash” this year. The first one I have finished is a vintage porcelain Shire Stallion sculpture, produced by the venerable Royal Worcester of the UK. In its original factory finish it is a matte bay, produced in the 1960’s, and mint condition pieces are very very collectible. The one I acquired had damage to the mane “bobs” (all were broken off) and tail decorations. Otherwise it was in great condition. Perfect for custom OVERglazing. I repainted this piece using overglaze (aka chinapaints), the exact same hand-painted glaze technique that Royal Worcester used back in their heyday. Because overglazes are fired into the existing finish, I can alter and add to the color that is there. I can also make it glossy finish!

What you see here is that RW Shire, in a fabulous new high gloss fired finish, exactly as permanent as the original color that it was fired into. I’ve deepened the bay color, added extensive dappling, changed the white markings on the legs, repainted the eyes, and changed the accent colors on the tack from blue to green!

I have replaced the missing mane decorations with hand-made wired ribbon flights. The braid down the crest of the mane has some epoxy filling and painted restoration done, where the old bobs had to be drilled out before I set the new wire flights in. I have also replaced the missing bow on the tail with matching ribbon. The horse still has its original bit rings and metal rein, plus the original wood presentation base.

To ensure there is never any confusion that this is a one of a kind custom-overglazed porcelain (and NOT a factory-finished piece) I have fired my studio logo and painter ID (“Custom oveglazed by Karen Y. Gerhardt, 2016”) into the underside of the porcelain base.

To view a large portfolio of photos, please go to this Gallery. 
NOTE: There are two sets of photos there: studio shots like the ones seen above, and a bunch of them taken on my kitchen counter. The studio shots are all TOO RED in color. (I need to get a new camera…) Even with a lot of photoshop color editing, I can’t get the red cast out. So I took a bunch of photos with my iPhone and those show the color MOST accurately! So use the studio shots to view details, but the kitchen shots (like the one below) for realistic color. He appears dark in normal light but if you tip him up and put him in the bright sunlight, the amazing dappling pops out!


I have enjoyed this special project so much! This one of a kind, beautiful porcelain can be yours. I would like to get $950.00 postage-paid for him. It will be shipped FedEx in a special custom foam-lined box. I guarantee my work and my shipping expertise, and will take it back no questions asked, upon damage or any other reason. You pay return FedEx shipping. I give preference to a buyer who can pay in full via PayPal, but I am open to short time payment terms. Let me know what you have in mind for a payment schedule, and I will consider it.

Serious purchase inquiries to:
Email Karen