HA “Esplendida” for sale, best offers

Bidding is closed. The final bid was $1175  JAM

This is a fabulous sculpture of a PRE mare by Brigitte Eberl, produced in fine bone china bisque by Horsing Around and newly custom-glazed by Karen Gerhardt.

If you click on any image above, a gallery will pop up where you can view them at larger size.

I am holding a best offer sale of this piece. It’s my first time trying this process so bear with me through any glitches! Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Bidding will be only via email sent to Karen: Email Karen
  2. The highest bid in an email received before 9:00 pm MOUNTAIN time (that’s 2 hours earlier than Eastern, 1 hour later than Pacific) on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, will be the winner.
  3. Starting bid is $950.00. I will pay shipping.
  4. Bidding must be in $25 increments only. (You can’t place a bid of $955, for example. It would have to be $975.)
  5. Your full name and mailing address MUST be included in your bid email.
  6. You must include the THREE initials you want me to use to I.D. your bid. (They can be not your actual initials/anonymous if you like.)
  7. Your bid will not be accepted if you haven’t followed all the above rules.
  8. I will periodically update the high bid amount with the initials of the person holding that bid, right at the top of this blog post. I will not respond/reply to each individual bid email. If you’re holding the high bid, it’ll show up here with your initials.
  9. You can raise your bid as many times as you like, via new emails, up until the deadline.
  10. High bidder will be contacted after the deadline. Payment must be made in full by September 27, 2016. Paypal is preferred (no Paypal e-checks) but personal check is also accepted. If mailing a check, make sure it will arrive before the deadline. Failure to pay on time will result in loss of the piece, no exceptions.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes in your bidding!