Sale: Claybody Custom China “English” Streetwise


My thanks to everyone who took an interest in the earthenware custom Streetwise in sabino last week. It turned out to be a great fundraiser for a very nice model horse event. Now, here is the second in a china trio of this sculpture that I have been working on this summer. 


This is my Streetwise Quarter Horse sculpture. Cast from his ceramic molds by me in highest quality earthenware china, and then resculpted at the greenware (unfired) stage. He has been given a braided mane and tail, resculpted head including eyes, ears, and muzzle, repositioned legs, and enhanced/added sculpting of the body musculature.

After firing to bisque, he has been glazed to a deep, deep, shaded red chestnut. The “red” palette in the new overglazes I’ve been using for a couple years now is just fabulous and I have to resist putting this color on everything!

This piece has been permanently fixed to a beautiful and lightweight clear acrylic plinth, using super strong, two-ton clear epoxy.

This is earthenware china Streetwise #3; which means that so far only three have been produced in earthenware china. One more to follow, and then I’m very done with these for a long while! They are difficult to produce and I have to hold my breath the entire time they are in the kiln or being handled.

I am offering this piece in a first-come, first-served sale: $575.00. Fedex shipping (in USA) and overseas postage is included. Preference given to someone who can pay in full. However, I do offer a payment plan of 60 days.

Time Payment Terms: You first send a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 VIA PAYPAL ONLY, within 3 days. The balance must be paid off by November 10, 2017. No exceptions or extensions. All other payments after the deposit can be made by personal check/money order if desired. You can make payments during the 2 months on any schedule you set. You can wait and pay the entire balance on Nov 10th if you like, etc.

If you do not pay the full amount by Nov 10th, the right to purchase will be revoked, the amount you have paid so far will be returned, and your DEPOSIT will NOT be REFUNDED.

If you are interested in purchasing, email Karen.

Thank you!