For sale: Custom-glazed china “Pepé” Part-Arabian


Update: Sold

2009 Arabian stallion sculpture by Lynn A. Fraley
Earthenware ceramic, 6.25″ tall x 7″ long

Custom glazed by Karen Gerhardt/Westerly Design
Asking $750.00, shipping paid

This earthenware china version of Lynn’s work has a little backstory. Lynn came to visit me in October 2008, to learn a little about ceramics overglazing. And in return, she showed me what is involved in pouring a mold and cleaning greenware. She brought a Pepé along as the demo. Here is my blog post that I wrote about that day:

Lynn left the greenware Pepé with me, and he’s been here ever since. I’m determined to make a dent in the glazing of my “stash” of white china ware, so I have glazed this guy in the past month. He is a nicely shaded dark reddish bay tobiano. A lovely part-Arab.

He comes with a couple minor issues to be aware of:
Because this was a piece intended for practice, I am sure he’s not detailed-out to Lynn’s normal very high standards. Still, the casting is overall fine and crisp. The extended foreleg had a break in greenware, which I reattached (while still in the greenware stage) as a part of the learning process, and it looks good and is strong. But the leg lacks some of the detail it should have because it’s hard to resculpt a delicate area like that, and I think the hoof is rotated out to the right just a tad.

Lynn’s website says the Pepé edition is dated 2009 but we met in Fall 2008; either way it means this sculpture is nearly 10 years old and I’m guessing there haven’t been any new ones in china produced recently. I don’t know if the china edition is closed. I asked Lynn for information about the china Pepé edition; she’s traveling and I didn’t want to pester. But I also didn’t want to wait any longer to try to make a sale because we’re into the crazy holiday shipping season and I don’t like to ship a china any later than about the first week of December. I’ll update this page/forward to the buyer any edition info I receive.

Lynn and I each will get half of the sale price. It will be sent FedEx unless you tell me otherwise. Please make an offer if you’re hesitating about the price; it was hard to know what to ask for an item like this one. I can be open to time payments, send in your proposal. To buy, Email Karen.

Thank you! More finished chinas to come this winter. Here’s a sneak-peek at progress on the next one…