Save the date…

Update on the custom glazed dapple grey Hagen-Renaker Roan Lady china.

It will be finished this weekend. Only the hooves and a few minute details remain to be painted.

I will be putting it up for sale in a website-based auction in the same way I sold a china Streetwise a few months ago. (Go to the link here to see the rules for bidding in that auction. The RL will be similar.) For this piece there will also be a pricey buy-it-now, paid in full option.

The buyer will be able to choose the colors of the mane and forelock ribbons.

I’m away for several days next week in a backcountry mountain hut with no communication. So the auction most likely will start on Friday the 12th and run about 3 days. I will post the official link here and to Facebook, when it goes live.

Thanks SO much for all the interest. I’m a fool for letting this one leave, I think!