Summer update

Home at last from all our spring travels.
And the studio is ridiculously clean!

90342E7F-A063-4AD9-9FC6-24C959FD5283I’ve abandoned all sculpture work for now. My heart isn’t into it and that’s why the Virtu sculpture is 100% not happening. I only wish I had recognized this before I went through all the time and expense to make his waste mold etc.

But I did contract for a table at Breyerfest’s artisan gallery for 3 nights in July. I don’t have a new sculpture to introduce, so I’m going to spend the next 6 weeks glazing chinas. Based on the enthusiasm for custom glazed Hagen-Renakers at the recent Clinky Mayhem event, I decided to get out some of my remaining stash of H-R bodies and glaze them to sell. Plus a few other pieces if I have time.

Started already are a large and small Zara Arabians, which will be light grey with minimal dappling. (So that it won’t take me two years to finish them, ha!)

43B44560-3F5F-4F76-8A86-33BC9FA07E461E47AF90-87E7-488F-9484-6E454CC80377Also a Roundabout Cob in chestnut with a fun white pattern.

I’ve also begun a bone china Boreas which will be a very dark dapple grey, almost black. Plus an H-R Ferseyn in silver bay and Sheba in chestnut sabino. We’ll see how many I finish in time.

They will be sold first-come, first-served at the Breyerfest Artisans Gallery starting Thursday night July 12. Here’s a link to the AG info.

I will also be bringing my overglaze paints/palette and a white china horse, and I will be demo-ing china painting the three nights I’m there. I hope to see you!