Custom Glazed “Boreas” Percheron for sale

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UPDATE: This piece is sold.

This is a just-completed bone china version of my “Boreas” Percheron sculpture. It is part of a group of pieces I’m glazing right now to bring to BreyerFest in July to sell. I decided to offer this one online customers as a pre-sale. You can either pick him up from me at BreyerFest, or I will ship him to you.

This is a nearly-black horse, just starting to grey. He has more greying bits in his hips and very very subtle areas on the legs, but I just can’t get it to photograph. (New photography lighting setup coming soon!) I only own ONE more unglazed Boreas in bone china. There will be no more made. Though I do own the molds so more pieces in earthenware china will be made. Nothing beats the slightly translucent quality of bone china for beautiful glazing and finish!

I’m asking $850.00 for him if you pick him up in Kentucky at BreyerFest next month. $900.00 if I am to ship him to you, shipping via Fedex paid. Payment in full via PayPal is the only option a this time.

If you would like to buy,  Email Karen