“If I Could Fly” Winged Horse Tile

I’ve had this imagery in my head for over 10 years: A winged horse, soaring, twisting and turning in the air, clearly flying for the joy of it. Because it can fly!!

I’ve tried three times to sculpt this. But I always abandon it because a.) Sculpting wings is annoying and tedious!; b.) Engineering it onto a suitable base that would support the in-flight idea was inevitably not satisfying. I hate clear pegs, posts, rods, and pretty much all bases; c.) It is hard to imagine casting it in ceramic and having any pieces survive!

Last month I had the thought to sculpt this concept into a low-relief tile/plaque. I’ve been needing a new item to use as a giftware item from the studio. (As I celebrate my 60th birthday in April, I’m devoting more of my artistic and hobby energy to Giving Back and Paying Forward.)

Here is the result. It’s still not exactly as I can see it in my mind, but it’s close.


I’ve named the piece “If I Could Fly”, and in resin it measures 4” x 12”. A nice BIG canvas for those who love to paint things!!

It’s going to officially debut this July as the overall champion prizes at The Resin Futurity model horse show, a Breyerfest event. You can buy one of 25 resin casts available at that event… and then from me if you bump into me during Breyerfest. Then another 25 will be for sale on my website July 17th.

I also expect to produce these in ceramic, hopefully porcelain. Plus maybe transparent resin and cast glass!!

They will be primarily used for GIFTING, so that’s why the for-sale quantity next summer is limited.

I’ve started painting one in acrylics and oils:


Just think of how many great ways the sky alone could be painted!

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