“If I Could Fly” Winged Horse Resin Plaque, Sale Offering 1

2019 low-relief sculpture of a winged horse in flight

A new sculpture completed in March 2019. It was created mainly to be given away as giftware and show awards, etc. There are 100 total, all cast in medium blue resin; I am retaining approximately 40 pieces. These are the first 25 pieces up for sale now: they are all in stock and will mail as soon as you pay. I will update this page if the 25 pieces sell out.

Dimensions: 12″ long x 4″ tall x .5″ deep. (Yes, it’s BIG!)
Resin cast edition of 100 pieces total.
It is cast in a very attractive and strong medium blue resin.
There will also be a ceramic edition, coming later in the year.


The resin casts are very clean. However, like all resin casts, there will be some pinholes to be filled in and other prepping, prior to applying your primer of choice. DO NOT OVER-SAND the art work. This is a very low relief sculpture, meaning it is like a coin. If you sand the sculpted areas very much, you’ll lose detail right away. I recommend using a very very fine-grain filler (like modeling paste or Bondo) for the pinholes, then sand only those areas with a very fine grit sandpaper, and then spray a light coat of primer. If you do many coats of primer, you will also lose detail.

A “Fly” plaque in progress by Karen in oils, not finished yet!

Purchase Information

PLEASE read everything below before ordering.

1. There are 25 pieces in this initial offering. The plaques are $45.00 each, USA postage included. If you order more than one, you’ll get a discount. If you are overseas, I will get you a postage price.

2. This is an online sale only, all pieces must be mailed. For this initial offering, I am not doing BreyerFest or other location deliveries. You can only have it mailed. I will be selling some in person at BreyerFest, but I don’t want to bring very many. I will post details here and on Facebook/Instagram about when and where in Kentucky I’ll have them available.

3. Payment in full is expected when your order is confirmed. I will reply via email with your total cost and where to send payment. You can pay via PayPal or personal check. No money orders. No time payments.

4. To purchase, fill out the quick form below and click submit.

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Karen Gerhardt, Westerly Design equine art