Denderah Resin Edition Update

Pictured: a Denderah resin painted by me and given a gloss finish. Because in my world if everything can’t be ceramic, at least it should look like one!

Many many thanks to everyone who has reserved a Denderah Arabian resin! I’ve sold enough resins to cover my molding and casting costs for both the resin and china editions. Which was the main reason to sell resins since I’m not into them at all myself. 🙂

If you’ve reserved one and are close to sending your payment, I’ve now got another 5 in stock. And just a reminder that you’ve got until June 1st to pay in full; after that all reservations will be discarded and the edition will be _closed_ at whatever number were sold.

The resins are not sold out and if you want one just go to THIS LINK. Because I’ve got a few in stock I can ship one out to you right now.

I assume the bone china Denderah’s moldmaking and production are going along ok, because I haven’t heard otherwise from Donna at Animal Artistry in the UK. No news is good news!

I’m not going to be doing any selling at Breyerfest this year (and right now I’m not sure I am even going). So you’ll need to buy/reserve a resin from me online if you would like one. I might be painting a Denderah resin myself this month and offering it for sale. Because I’m not going anywhere for awhile!

Lastly, please everyone stay safe and keep yourself well. Because my husband Paul is going though chemotherapy for lymphoma until June, he will shortly have almost no immune system to fight any kind of infection. So we are frankly very afraid of the Virus; we are taking every precaution. Please take this crisis very seriously even if you think you personally are not at risk. You could easily pass it onto someone who could die from it.

Thank you as always for your support. It means so much!

Questions, about anything? Email Karen