Introducing Wizard’s Vale Arts

In the next couple months I’m going to be transitioning out of Westerly Design into a new studio name, Wizard’s Vale Arts. This is for both business and personal reasons I won’t get into here. By the end of this year all Westerly Design presence on the web and internet will go away, replaced with Wizard’s Vale Arts. Including my email address!

Old friends from the model horse hobby will remember that Wizard’s Vale was my original “stable” and studio name back in the 1980’s until mid 1990 when I merged my equine art work into the Westerly Design company name. Well, I’m no longer designing anything since I gave up my graphic design and art direction career… and I decided to go back to my roots for my fine arts studio and the 2nd half of my creative life!

The first things I have been changing are this blog, which is the main landing place for the domain. It will serve as my studio’s home page; I won’t have another anywhere else. I’m slowly building the name changes and information and pages into this studio home. Fortunately email subscribers to the blog won’t have to do a thing, you’ll still receive all the news posted here.

I’m eventually going to have to delete the Westerly Design Facebook page and redirect this blog feed to the new Wizard’s Vale Arts page there. It’s already built but not “live” yet. When the time comes I’ll post the new page to Facebook so you can all migrate there.

You can test out my new email address if you like; for now both my old and new one will work.

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Here’s to fresh starts!