The first PAINTED resin Roundabout!

Sheila A. Bishop agreed to paint the first resin copy of Roundabout for me and she delivered him to me yesterday. Isn’t he stunning! The quality of this finish work is why I have gracefully retired from painting resins. I will never be able to paint like this!

Initially Sheila and I had agreed that she would paint the first resin I received, and she could sell him or whatever in exchange for letting me use his photos to promote the resin sale. But I love this work so much that she allowed me to keep him on some very good trade terms. 🙂 THANK YOU SHEILA! She gave him to me at a model horse show here in Colorado yesterday and he already earned his first NAN card in breed halter.

I have named him “Dreams of the Thames”. When we were in the UK we lived only about 2 miles from the Thames and I spent a lot of days exploring its length on foot and bike. Roundie was “born” over there on days when I stayed in… and I still dream of the Thames.

I hope I will have Roundabout resins to sell in June, but I don’t have a date for you yet.