Quick Sale of a Few Roundabout Resins

It looks like I will be getting a batch of Roundabout cob resins this week. It might be as many as 10. I’ve got 6 of those spoken for as donations, gifts, and other commitments. But I’d like to sell the rest quickly if I can… I’m going out of town all next week and want to get them in the mail by Friday!

Because this is a small quantity I won’t be sending them to my Etsy page.

I DO allow customization of Roundabout resins. So you can go ahead and make him a “hairy” Gypsy Vanner or whatever!

If you want to buy one of these unpainted Roundabout resins:

•  You must pay in full via PayPal only, by Thursday 9pm mountain time.

•  They are $150 US postage paid. If you are in the UK please wait as I will be having a separate sale for you the next time I get a full batch of 10. But I will ship outside the US; we’ll split the cost of shipping.

•  If you want to buy, send me an email if you are interested (link below) and I will contact you with the PayPal instructions.

Email Karen

Thank you!!